About Us

Welcome to turbinegenerator.org.

This is a website devoted to providing information about turbine generators, particularly turbine generators that are used with a source of renewable energy.  The website provides in-depth details of how turbine generators work and how they are a crucial aspect of renewable energy technology.

The website focuses on the four main types of turbine generators: wind, hydro, solar, and steam.  Each category provides information on how they work, how they were made, how they effect the environment, and how you can possibly use one in your home.  Each category also gives general information and facts about the advantages of green energy and how it is used in our world today.

Also, follow our news blog and jobs section to get up to date news and job openings that relate to green energy and modern renewable energy technology.

Our hope is that this website will enhance your knowledge and connect you to the amazing world of turbine generators and renewable energy.