Wind Turbine

A wind turbine generator is a device that converts wind into usable electrical energy.

Electrical energy is produced when the wind energy is converted into mechanical energy by the spinning blades of a wind turbine, which are attached to a spinning rotor and a turbine generator.

There are many different sizes and styles of wind turbines and generators, some of which are capable of providing sufficient electrical power to machines, homes, larger buildings, and even entire cities.

Wind turbines are more useful in areas which produce consistently strong winds.  Wind turbine generators are arguably more environmentally safe than using fossil fuels to produce electricity.

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How Wind Turbines Work Button

How it Works

A step-by-step guide to wind turbine generators

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Wind Turbine Facts

Quick facts & information about wind turbine generators

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Wind Turbine Types

Information on the various types of wind turbines

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Build & Buy Wind Turbine

Find out how to use wind power on your own

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Science of Wind

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Green Energy State Info

Green Energy State Info

How does where you live rank for sunlight hours?

Wind Environmental Impact Button

Wind Environmental Impact

How wind power effects the environment and our daily lives

Green Energy News Button

Green Energy News

Recent news about turbine generators & wind power

Wind turbine generators can be constructed for a various locations and to fit different needs.  The one thing that must remain constant is that they will all follow the fundamental law’s of physics to generate electricity.

Follow the law’s of physics is not only a requirement for a wind turbine, but all turbine generators. Check out how a turbine generator works to uncover how it produces electricity. Read through the simple diagrams and a step-by-step guide to get a full understanding, then use the information you learned about turbine generators and apply your knowledge to how a wind turbine works.

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