Utah Sunlight Hours & Renewable Energy Information

Utah Sun Light Hours Map

Quick Green Energy Summary for Utah


State Sunlight Rank: 10/50

Average Annual Sunlight Hours: 3000 hours

Clear Days: 125 days per year

Summer Peak Sun Hours: 6.09 hours per day

Winter Peak Sun Hours: 3.78 hours per day

Average Peak Sun Hours : 5.26 hours per day


State Wind Rank : 34/50

Average Annual Wind Speed: 0.05 miles per hour

More Information on Utah Green Energy

Utah ranks in the top ten for average peak sun hours in the US. Solar insolation in general is highest in the Southwest regions of the United States. Installed solar capacity in Utah has skyrocketed in recent years and along with the other state of the region, has enough exposure to sunlight to potentially provide electricity to the entire country pending certain improvements in technology and electricity storage and delivery.

If the beehive state can live up to its name, then the hard working and driven citizens of Utah have the opportunity to be the global leader in solar power. That’s right, king of the world in solar power production. It is possible. It could happen. All the pieces are there its just a matter of doing at this point. Once people realize how magnificent and powerful the great star in our sky is, then we could get all the energy we need from Utah alone. Luckily, it doesn’t all come down to the fate of one state, the sun shines almost everywhere on the planet, but the average peak sun hours in Utah and the geographical advantages are prime for solar.

Using a yearly average, there are 5.26 daily peak sun hours across the state of Utah. This number is calculated for a fixed solar panel.

When planning and trying to understand what impact solar panels can have on your electricity bill it helps to use an average number. Throughout the year the actual daily sunlight hours will fluctuate quite a bit based on weather, clouds and a number of issues and outside variables. Using an average calculation of peak sunlight hours, the best hours for solar insolation, helps drill down what to expect for the year in Utah. On a day to day basis expect to see a wide range of output.