Vermont Sunlight Hours & Renewable Energy Information

Vermont Sun Light Hours Map

Quick Green Energy Summary for Vermont


State Sunlight Rank: 39/50

Average Annual Sunlight Hours: 2200 hours

Clear Days: 58 days per year

Summer Peak Sun Hours: 5.35 hours per day

Winter Peak Sun Hours: 3.77 hours per day

Average Peak Sun Hours : 4.13 hours per day


State Wind Rank : 18/50

Average Annual Wind Speed: 0.07 miles per hour

More Information on Vermont Green Energy

The names says it all, the green mountain state, green and lush, and although this beautiful state ranks in the lower end for average peak sun hours, its installed capacity continues to rise every year. Located in the Northwest region of the United States, Vermont is used to much longer days in the summer and much shorter days during the winter, which also comes with lower levels of solar insolation. But the peak sun hours of both seasons on average are still enough to use solar power in Vermont and keep this green state green forever.

Net metering is available in Vermont, and along with new technological advancements in solar panels, Vermont is gearing up for even more solar power installations throughout the state. The state capital building in Vermont is the only capital building in the country to have a gold dome. Why not throw a few solar panels up there as well? Put your money where your mouth is, Vermont, and be the greenest green state in the country. The pieces are in place, especially during those green summer months of high average peak sun hours.

When pricing and calculating how solar panels will work for your home or business it is best to use a conservative sunlight hour estimate. A lot of variables factor into accurate estimates and not every hour of sunlight is equal. For example, the tilt of the solar panels, sporadic cloud coverage, time of year, angle of the sun are just a few factors of many that can cause a variety in daily output.

A yearly average specifically looking at peak daily sunlight hours will help eliminate the fluctuation in numbers.

Using a fixed solar panel Vermont receives an average of 4.13 peak sun hours. These are the best hours of solar insolation.