Fairbanks Solar Power Information & Peak Sun Hours

Green Energy Summary for Fairbanks, Alaska

Lattitude: 64.82


Fixed Tilt Sunlight Hours: 3.3 hours per day

1-Axis Tilt Sunlight Hours: 4.5 hours per day

2-Axis Tilt Sunlight Hours: 4.7 hours per day


Average Annual Wind Speed: 5.59 miles per hour

There are many factors that will influence the efficiency output of solar panels in Fairbanks. First, the sun and the weather. For example, peak sun hours are the amount of time in a day where the sunlight is nearest optimal levels for solar insolation, which only includes the sunlight that hits the solar panels at efficient angles with optimal strength of radiation. The peak sun hours will always be less than the total daylight hours from sunrise to sunset because not every hour of daylight provides optimal amounts of solar radiation. The weather and cloud coverage is another factor that contributes to lower peak sun hours for certain days. As you would expect, the less cloud coverage the better for solar output.

The type of solar panel is also crucial for total output of the system The size and shape of the panel, the quality of the technology, the angle of the solar panel and the type of tracking mount are all incredibly important for output. The latitude of the Fairbanks is an important factor for the angle of the solar panels, the amount of peak sun hours per day, and the consistency of solar insolation throughout the year. The closer a city is to the equator, the less the variation in peak sun hours will be during different seasons of the year. Most cities receive more peak sun hours per day during the summer months. The angle of a fixed solar panel should be set at the latitude of Fairbanks for optimal output, but a mount that also tracks the sun is still more ideal.

In Fairbanks, the average peak sun hours for a fixed tilt panel mounted at the angle equal to the latitude of Fairbanks is hours. The more efficient 2-axis system that tracks the sun in the sky during each season will boost the average peak sun hours to hours per day in Fairbanks.

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1698 Airport Way
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1050 Deere St
Fairbanks, AK 99709
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2130 Van Horn Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99701
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