Wyoming Sunlight Hours & Renewable Energy Information

Wyoming Sun Light Hours Map

Quick Green Energy Summary for Wyoming


State Sunlight Rank: 4/50

Average Annual Sunlight Hours: 3000 hours

Clear Days: 114 days per year

Summer Peak Sun Hours: 6.81 hours per day

Winter Peak Sun Hours: 5.5 hours per day

Average Peak Sun Hours : 6.06 hours per day


State Wind Rank : 4/50

Average Annual Wind Speed: 0.21 miles per hour

More Information on Wyoming Green Energy

Wyoming is probably the biggest underperformer when it comes to solar power. Ranking very high in average peak sun hours per day, Wyoming lags significantly in installed solar capacity. This is predicted to increase over the years as residents of wyoming and business begin to understand the great potential of solar power in the state with such high average solar insolation rates.

Wyoming also ranks very high in wind energy potential, being one of the windiest states in the country. Again, wyoming has the opportunity to be a global leader in renewable energy production, and its only a matter of time for the installed capacity to climb higher and higher.

For a state full of natural beauty it only makes sense to take steps to conserve the amazing environment. The equality state will soon realize its potential and become a global leader in renewable energy.

Using a yearly average, there are 6.06 daily peak sun hours across the state of Wyoming. This number is calculated for a fixed solar panel.

When planning and trying to understand what impact solar panels can have on your electricity bill it helps to use an average number. Throughout the year the actual daily sunlight hours will fluctuate quite a bit based on weather, clouds and a number of issues and outside variables. Using an average calculation of peak sunlight hours, the best hours for solar insolation, helps drill down what to expect for the year in Wyoming. On a day to day basis expect to see a wide range of output.