Four Eco-Friendly Business Ideas

Investing in the eco-friendly sector is not only a way to tap into one of the fastest growing industries, but a way for eco-minded individuals to truly make a difference. The number of business ideas in this sector are quasi infinite, and virtually anyone can use their skill set and expertise and turn them into a green business. Let’s look … Read More

Reducing Air Pollution with Solar Panels

With expanding environmental consciousness and growing concern for the environment, more members of our society are embracing renewable energy as the solution that will minimize the use of non-renewable resources and mitigate the hazardous effects of global warming and pollution. Among renewable resources, such as wind, rain, tides and waves, sunlight has the widest application in green households. Solar power … Read More

How Warm Can Solar Pool Heaters Make Water?

As the world becomes more conscious about global warming and the consequent effects of Greenhouse emissions, many people are looking for energy efficient alternatives from using grid electricity in their homes. When it comes to swimming pool heating systems, electric and gas heating systems have been used widely for years and still remains the popular choice for many. However, the … Read More