Four Eco-Friendly Business Ideas

Investing in the eco-friendly sector is not only a way to tap into one of the fastest growing industries, but a way for eco-minded individuals to truly make a difference. The number of business ideas in this sector are quasi infinite, and virtually anyone can use their skill set and expertise and turn them into a green business. Let’s look at some of the best eco-friendly business ideas for new entrepreneurs.

Starting a Vacuum Truck Business

Vacuum trucks are used to dispose of various waste materials, such as waste water, septic tank fluids, sewage water, etc. This sector is booming at the moment and the demand is very high. And you can start with only one or two vacuum trucks and scale up once you build a consumer base.

Companies like Vacuum Express have a wide selection of pre-built and custom vacuum trucks for all types of budgets. Once you have a truck, you can choose to serve the emergency response sector, deal with hazardous waste removal, oil skimming, etc. This is a great business sector for anyone who wants to be able to start small and tap into an evergreen market with tons of possibilities.

Green Finance

If you have enough starting capital, you could also consider entering the green financing network. Green finance focuses on financing projects that have a verifiable positive effect on the environment like green energy, sustainable agriculture, environmental products, water management, etc. Climate finance in particular finances projects that aim at reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change.

However, green finance, unlike conventional finance, is more preoccupied with social profitability than monetary profit. So, your goal should be humanitarian first and foremost. However, green projects can still provide a good return on investment and are a great way to invest in the green sector.

Green Consulting

The green consulting sector is bigger than ever, and many organizations are trying to make their businesses greener, but don’t know how. Green consultants are called upon to help organizations improve their processes and internal practices to make them more eco-friendly.

Green consultants help businesses train their employees by instilling sound environmental management practices, helping with media and PR efforts, planning and permissions for environmental projects, and conducting compliance audits among other things.


The demand for traditional cleaning services is very high, but there is a growing number of clients who are more and more conscious of what goes into cleaning materials and will be ready to pay a premium for green cleaning products. They will also favor companies who advertise themselves as being green as well. By using organic materials and branding yourself as an eco-friendly business, you’ll be able to corner this market and separate yourself from other cleaning services.

Starting an eco-friendly business is a great way to make a positive impact while tapping into one of the most vibrant sectors you can find. All these businesses address real world demands and problems and are set to be profitable for years to come.