South Naknek Solar Power Information & Peak Sun Hours

Solar Green Energy Summary for South Naknek, Alaska

Lattitude: 58.6603


Fixed Tilt Sunlight Hours: 3.8 hours per day

1-Axis Tilt Sunlight Hours: 4 hours per day

2-Axis Tilt Sunlight Hours: 4.2 hours per day

Looking at the average peak sunlight hours in South Naknek is a valuable number for determining your solar power setup. Peak sunlight hours are only the hours a day in which the sunlight is strong enough for the solar panels to do their job. Not every hour of sunlight was created equal. For example, solar panels do not provide much use during early sunrise and sunset, and therefore you should not look at total hours of sunlight in a day, but instead focus on peak sunlight hours. Using this number will provide a much better estimate of your needs for setting up panels in South Naknek, Alaska.

Sunlight hits the earth directly at the equator. This is why the equator has a latitude of zero degrees. The latitude of South Naknek is 58.7. Knowing the latitude of South Naknek can help you plan for your solar panel setup, as the larger the latitude the more variance you will see throughout the year for total daily sunlight hours.

The sun moves through the sky during the day, and changes positions in the sky throughout the year as the seasons change. A fixed solar panel remains fixed in position during this movement. So, although it is effective in capturing sunlight, a 1-axis or 2-axis panel can be more efficient. A 1-axis panel tracks the sun's movement throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. In addition to that, the 2-axis panel also accounts for the movement throughout the year.

Weather is one of the major culprits that will cause inconsistent total peak sun hours for any given day. The sunrise and sunset will always be predictable every day, but the weather is hard to predict and cloud coverage can greatly diminish the efficiency of a solar power system on any given day. On the bright side, a location that is known to have cloudy weather a majority of the year could have unexpectedly more sunny days, so it can go both ways.

In South Naknek you can look at the average peak sun hours of a fixed solar panel mount, which will be 3.8 hours. This number iis an estimate based on data of previous years. With a tracking mount in South Naknek you could theoretically increase the amount of peak sun hours per with a 1-axis mount, and get 4 hours, or a 2-axis mount and potentially increase your average to 4.2 hours.

Solar Businesses in South Naknek, Alaska

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