Athol Solar Power Information & Peak Sun Hours

Solar Green Energy Summary for Athol, South Dakota

Lattitude: 45.0089


Fixed Tilt Sunlight Hours: 4.9 hours per day

1-Axis Tilt Sunlight Hours: 6.9 hours per day

2-Axis Tilt Sunlight Hours: 7.3 hours per day

Looking at the average peak sunlight hours in Athol is a valuable number for determining your solar power setup. Peak sunlight hours are only the hours a day in which the sunlight is strong enough for the solar panels to do their job. Not every hour of sunlight was created equal. For example, solar panels do not provide much use during early sunrise and sunset, and therefore you should not look at total hours of sunlight in a day, but instead focus on peak sunlight hours. Using this number will provide a much better estimate of your needs for setting up panels in Athol, South Dakota.

The equator has a latitude of zero while Athol has a latitude of 45.0. Any city located on the equator will receive the most sunlight throughout the year because the sunlight arrives at a perpendicular 90 degree angle to the earth at the equator. The further you are from the equator the more your daily sunlight hours can vary.

You will notice the difference in peak sunlight hours depending on the panel type. The more flexibility the solar panel has the efficient it can be throughout the day and the year. A fixed solar panel remains in the same position at all times. A 1-axis panel follows the sun throughout the day as it moves through the sky and eventually sets. A 2-axis panel not only tracks the daily movement, but also adjusts based on the sun's changing position in the sky throughout the year as the seasons change.

The sunrise and sunset is very predictable every day, but things like cloud coverage and weather are less predictable and vary daily and annually. If a location that is usually very sunny experiences a huge increase in storms and cloud coverage in a given year than the average peak sun hours for that day or year will probably decrease. Tall objects such as trees and buildings can block out the sun during high solar insolation times, so be sure to strategically place your solar panels to get better efficiency.

The average daily peak sunlight hours in Athol, South Dakota is 4.9 hours. Use this number when trying to calculate your solar needs in Athol. As you can see above, if you were to use a 1-Axis or 2-Axis panel then the daily average would increase to 6.9 hour and 7.3 hours, respectively.

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The tax incentive is a credit, meaning that when you file your Federal taxes you can claim 30% of the qualified expenditures of your solar system.* If you owe Federal taxes that year, then the credit can be applied and you will either A) owe less, B) owe nothing, C) owe nothing and have a credit left over.

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