Texas Sunlight Hours & Renewable Energy Information

Texas Sun Light Hours Map

Quick Green Energy Summary for Texas


State Sunlight Rank: 16/50

Average Annual Sunlight Hours: 2800 hours

Clear Days: 135 days per year

Summer Peak Sun Hours: 5.49 hours per day

Winter Peak Sun Hours: 4.42 hours per day

Average Peak Sun Hours : 4.92 hours per day


State Wind Rank : 1/50

Average Annual Wind Speed: 9.91 miles per hour

More Information on Texas Green Energy

Texas, is not the lone state to take advantage of its high average peak sun hours with solar power. Texas is even bigger and better and using renewable energy sources for electricity than many states in the country, even as an oil state. A true energy powerhouse in solar, wind and fossil fuels.

With an above average amount of peak sun hours throughout the state, Texas with its huge variety in geography and population has done a pretty good job at taking advantage of solar power but there is a lot of room to grow.

El Paso, to the western side of the state, has the highest average of peak sun hours and solar insolation. But the rest of the state is still prime for a huge boom in installed solar power capacity.

Using averages from a fixed solar panel, there are 4.92 hours of peak sun light across the state of Texas. This number would vary if you were using a 1-Axis or 2-Axis tilt panel.

Taking the average daily sun light hours works well for looking at long term calculations in your area. On a daily basis this number will fluctuate due to several outside variables. For example, on a cloudy day in the winter this number would be low, but on a sunny day in the summer this number could be much higher. Looking at an average will help you calculate and plan for the output and best hours of solar insolation you can expect from your solar panels in Texas throughout the year.