Four Eco-Friendly Business Ideas

Investing in the eco-friendly sector is not only a way to tap into one of the fastest growing industries, but a way for eco-minded individuals to truly make a difference. The number of business ideas in this sector are quasi infinite, and virtually anyone can use their skill set and expertise and turn them into a green business. Let’s look … Read More

Liquid Metal Battery – Intermittent Energy

The Problem of Intermittent Energy with Renewable Energy Sources Electrical energy supply and demand should be in constant balance.  And since energy demand consistently changes, for example during the changing of seasons or the time of day, the energy supply needs to shift levels to remain in harmony with demand.  When supply and demand fall out of sync, extra costs … Read More

Captain Planet – Renewable Energy

What if Captain Planet and the Planeteers were real?  How would this change the face of renewable energy? Wind, water, earth, fire, and heart.  Each extremely powerful forces in their own right, but when combined, virtually unstoppable. Imagine now, for a moment, that this brilliant 1990’s cartoon was not the fictional creation of Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle, but was … Read More