Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

It’s cheaper to have an offshore wind turbine floating on the water surface than it is to build the structural support to the bottom of the ocean.  The difference in cost between the two is then exaggerated even more the further you go from the shore, where winds are usually stronger and more efficient for wind turbines anyway. The idea … Read More

Are we underestimating the growth of solar power?

Electricity from solar power is only a small fraction of electricity generated in the United States and across the globe.  In 2011 the total installed capacity of solar power was around 55 terawatt-hours, and the United States alone needed more than 100 times that much electricity in 2011. Looking at things from the other side, and we see that there … Read More

Why do some wind turbines not spin?

Ever wonder why some wind turbines in a wind farm are not spinning? Well, there are a handful of potential reasons why a wind turbine is not spinning. 1.  There is not enough wind for the wind turbine to start spinning on its own, and any available start-up mechanism for low wind speeds is not being used. 2.  The wind … Read More

Solar eclipse is not brighter than regular sun

Looking at a solar eclipse is just as dangerous for your eyes as looking at the sun not during an eclipse.  The sun emits intense light that is dangerous to our eyes even when we are not looking directly at it.  However, the crucial thing to realize is that a solar eclipse is a remarkable experience to see, and tempts … Read More

Falmouth wind turbine to be shut down over noise levels

  Falmouth Massachusetts, a town that proudly supports renewable energy, has moved to shut down the operations of a 1.65MW wind turbine that was saving the city an average of $375,000 a year. The wind turbine is located at the town’s wastewater treatment plant.  It stands with a 262 foot long hub, with blades that extend another 400 feet from … Read More

Eole Water Turbine

The Eole Water Turbine is a self-sustaining wind turbine with a 30kW generator that is also built with a water purification system. The wind turbine generates electricity the same way as any other wind turbine.  The blades rotate from the force of mechanical energy from the wind, which spins a turbine generator to create electricity.  In the Eole water turbine, … Read More

Evolution of Wind Turbines – Infographic

Indoor Solar Power

Indoor Solar Power to Replace Batteries The term “indoor solar power” is misleading.  An indoor solar panel does not absorb energy through a window from the sun, but from incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and light-emitting diodes (LEDS).  And lately, there has been a growing interest in using indoor solar panels to run gadgets and appliances, instead of batteries or electrical … Read More

A New World Leader in Solar Power

No, it’s not in China.  What’s your next guess, the United States?  Nope. Saudi Arabia.  Not only is it the country with the world’s largest supply of oil reserves, but it could be leading the world in solar energy production soon too.  The country hopes to have 10% of its electricity come from the sun by the year 2020. Located … Read More

Wind Power Report: U.S. 2011

The answer, could perhaps, be blowing in the wind. Well, at least the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) may think so, as they released today their annual report on wind industry growth in the US for year 2011. A good year for wind, indeed!  The U.S. wind industry installed 6,816 MW of capacity, 30% higher than 2010, which brings the … Read More