Eole Water Turbine

Eole Water TurbineThe Eole Water Turbine is a self-sustaining wind turbine with a 30kW generator that is also built with a water purification system.

The wind turbine generates electricity the same way as any other wind turbine.  The blades rotate from the force of mechanical energy from the wind, which spins a turbine generator to create electricity.  In the Eole water turbine, the electricity generated in not transferred to be used elsewhere, instead it powers the built-in water purification system inside the turbine.

The rotor hub of these Eola turbines are specially designed to let in some of the air that passes through the turbine blades.  The air travels through an inlet valve in the rotor and is moved into a condensing chamber.  Depending on the humidity level of the air, the condensing chamber will separate the moisture in the air into liquid water.  The water is then transferred down the turbine shaft where it can be purified into clean water.

The wind turbine is able to make up to 1,000 liters of water per day.  The fact that the turbine is self-sustaining is a key feature of this innovative product.  Hopefully water purifying wind turbines like this will eventually be installed in rural, or disaster-stricken locations where access to clean water is not always available.

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  1. how can we contact the eole water turbine company, can you please give us their contact and location.

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