Three Factors That Effect Solar Tilt

Solar tilt, also known as the angle of incidence, refers to the angle at which sunlight strikes a solar panel. The optimal solar tilt for a solar panel varies depending on the location, season, and desired energy output. In this essay, we will explore the various factors that influence solar tilt and its impact on the efficiency of solar panels. … Read More

Reducing Air Pollution with Solar Panels

With expanding environmental consciousness and growing concern for the environment, more members of our society are embracing renewable energy as the solution that will minimize the use of non-renewable resources and mitigate the hazardous effects of global warming and pollution. Among renewable resources, such as wind, rain, tides and waves, sunlight has the widest application in green households. Solar power … Read More

Net Metering

Large cap utilities companies are a staple of American industry and culture. Such a staple that they are represented on the original monopoly board, and just about every home/business owner or renter in the country has at some point been under the grips of one of these companies and has paid an electricity bill. But times are changing, and new … Read More

Saudi Arabia to focus more on solar power?

Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporter, may also see their solar energy exports climb toward the top of this list.  A country that has made so much of it’s money on oil exports is also a geographical powerhouse for the production of solar energy and plans to have at least around 40 GW of solar production by the year … Read More

LightSail Spacecraft

Some positive news in space exploration as the LightSail Spacecraft has regained function and connection with it’s command team after about eight days of silence from malfunctions and unexpected silence. The LightSail which uses force from the collisions of photons against it’s mylar sail (much like a sailboat uses wind – see diagram below) is the first of two LightSail … Read More

Solar panels could definitely power the world – A new MIT study

It’s not a matter of how, we know how to use the sun’s energy to produce electricity, it’s a matter of action. When will we start taking more advantage of our closest star? The technology is already here and it’s time to start investing. This is according estimations from a new study at MIT that says we’ve got what it … Read More

Africa’s Largest Solar Power Project

The country of Ghana is the big winner. Blue Energy, the British renewable energy development company is backing the $400 million project to bring 155MW of solar power energy to western Ghana. The company is hoping to begin construction on the solar PV power plant by 2013 and plans to have it operational by October of 2015. The project will … Read More

How Solar Stills Work – Life of Pi

For those of you who read the book or saw the movie Life of Pi you may have wondered how he was able to purify drinking water through the use of sunlight.  A solar still is an invention that uses sunlight to purify water.  Sounds easy enough, but how does a solar still actually work? The process is not as easy as … Read More

Are we underestimating the growth of solar power?

Electricity from solar power is only a small fraction of electricity generated in the United States and across the globe.  In 2011 the total installed capacity of solar power was around 55 terawatt-hours, and the United States alone needed more than 100 times that much electricity in 2011. Looking at things from the other side, and we see that there … Read More

Solar eclipse is not brighter than regular sun

Looking at a solar eclipse is just as dangerous for your eyes as looking at the sun not during an eclipse.  The sun emits intense light that is dangerous to our eyes even when we are not looking directly at it.  However, the crucial thing to realize is that a solar eclipse is a remarkable experience to see, and tempts … Read More