Solar panels could definitely power the world – A new MIT study

It’s not a matter of how, we know how to use the sun’s energy to produce electricity, it’s a matter of action. When will we start taking more advantage of our closest star? The technology is already here and it’s time to start investing. This is according estimations from a new study at MIT that says we’ve got what it takes to run this planet on solar energy.

The world consumes about 15 terrawatts of power from various renewable and Solar Panalsrenewable energy resources. Americans, notorious for wasting more than they should, consume about 25% of the worlds total energy despite being only about 5% of the world population. American policy also holds pretty significant global influence. But how do we get the ball rolling in the right direction?

Well, better technology would help. Not that we don’t have what it takes already, but lower costs and more scalable production methods would help. Also, a better battery for storing unused electricity would be crucial and would greatly increase efficiency by storing unused electricity during hours of increased production which can be later be used when the sun is not shining.

On the other side of things, there’s the lack of funding. Fossil fuel industries receive absurd amounts of government subsidies at over a trillion dollars a year, that comes out to $100 million an hour! Renewable energy companies don’t even come close to getting that much in subsidies. And until there is more funding, or until newer technology makes things cheaper, we probably won’t see the action needed to provide the world with enough solar power for everyone. But we could if we had to, and that’s pretty amazing.

One thought on “Solar panels could definitely power the world – A new MIT study

  1. I think we should use this nature’s free energy more widely. Or do we want to create shortages because of greed without realizing that there is enough in nature’s creation?

    Let us do what nature wanted and make maximum use of solar energy!

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