Hydro Turbine Blade Design

A hydro turbine generator will only work if it is able to use the mechanical energy from water to spin the specially designed turbine blades and generator.

There are several techniques for collecting the mechanical energy of water into a water turbine generator.  In most hydro turbine generators, the intake shaft is a pipe that connects the water into the turbine and allows it to flow through the system and into the turbine blades.

The intake shaft is designed to help water flow towards the blades of the turbine with a certain amount of force, depending on the volume and head height of the water.

The  hydro turbine blades are then designed to rotate as the water passes through because the force of gravity will force the water through the shaft of the blades, making them rotate as the water passes.

The spinning turbine blades are designed to be attached to the turbine generator shaft, and the rotational energy from the shaft allows the generator to rotate and create electrical energy.

Water is much more dense than air, so it requires lower speeds to rotate a turbine than it would take similar wind speeds to rotate a wind turbine.  Hydro turbine blades are designed and work in a similar fashion to wind turbine blades.