Steam Technology

With energy technology and consumption being such an important issue today in politics and science, it may be surprising to know that today’s steam technology has not changed very much since it was first invented over a century ago.

Steam technology is a very efficient source of electricity, and it comes at a much lower cost than using renewable energy source.  Steam turbine energy requires an outside heat source to work effectively, and today the heat source of steam technology mostly comes from nuclear power, and coal power.

Steam turbine technology has trumped other renewable sources of energy over time because one of the crucial goals of electric production is to be able to produce ample electricity using as little physical space as possible, which steam energy does well.

Steam technology and steam turbine generator systems produce more electricity than any other energy source today.  Steam electricity production dominates the energy and electrical production of the world, providing almost 90% of the world’s electrical power.

The steam engine and steam technology was a major contributor to the start of the industrial revolution and has become a foundation for the scientific efforts of modern technology.  Without steam technological advances over the last several hundred years, our world today would be a very different place.