Hydro Power Questions From a 7th Grader

At TurbineGenerator.org we love getting questions from interested readers and doing our best to provide answers. Recently we received some fantastic questions from a 7th grader doing a project on hydroelectric power.

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I am a Grade 7 student and I am doing a project on water/hydro-power and I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions.

How do you feel about hydro-power?

I think hydro-power is very important for the future of our planet. Hydro-power is an amazing technology that uses gravity and water to turn a turbine generator and create electricity. It is much cleaner than using coal and other fossil fuels, so it is very good for the environment if it is used in a responsible way. It is important to consider the safety of fish and other wildlife when building hydro-power plants, but if done correctly, it can be a great source on electricity for homes, and help the environment and earth become more safe and clean for future generations.

How do you respond to people opposed to you?

I understand that some people will oppose me, and that is OK. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. However, I think that as long as a hydro-power plant does not hurt the fish and other wildlife in the area, then the facts show that it is much cleaner than using coal or fossil fuels. One downside of hydro-power is that it is very expensive.

Why do you think this issue is important/non-important?

I think it is important because the climate is changing and global temperatures are rising. It is important to use cleaner forms of energy and energy demands are rising on the earth because more people are being born each year. It is important that future generations have clean air and water just like many of us do today.
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One thought on “Hydro Power Questions From a 7th Grader

  1. I am a 3rd grader and also have a school project to talk about a way to improve our community/ town/ city’s environment.
    We have a small waterfall in our city and I was thinking if it would be possible for the town to invest in hydro generated energy which could power street lamps and maybe supplement the power supply to the city and that way would benefit the people living in the town.
    You safe the environment and safe money. How expensive would it be? Could a hydro generator supply sufficient energy for street lamps or even to supply energy to a town? How expensive would it be?

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