Future of Solar Energy

It is hard to say exactly where the future of solar energy lies, but most leading scientists in the field would say that the demand for alternate energy sources is increasing over time as the cost of renewable energy decreases, and the supply of fossil fuels decreases.

In 2009 Barack Obama signed $1.6 billion in investment tax credits for solar and other renewable energy sources.  This bill also includes the long term goal of having 25% of America’s electricity come from renewable energy sources by 2025.

The future of solar energy, like other products of science and technology, could explode into the global market at any moment, barring more refined technological advances or decreasing costs of production.

We have the technology today to extract all the electricity needed for the world from solar energy, but high costs along with technological and political roadblocks have kept this from happening.  The future of solar energy rests on technological advances and the competitive nature of the global market.

Buying a solar energy system today is an investment for the future.  If you live in a desirable location for solar energy use, an investment today will pay off in the future.  An electric solar panel system in your home will save you money every month, once the total amount of monthly savings is greater than the cost of production and maintenance of the system, your investment will begin to pay off.