Wind Turbine Home Examples

Not all home wind turbines are the same.  Every example of a home wind turbine that is constructed for a particular home will be unique for that home.  Each home installed wind turbine needs to be strategically designed and located for each particular home.

Many rural areas in the United States produce stronger winds because of the flat empty plains surrounding farms and houses.  Rural locations are usually where you will find larger wind farms, as opposed to single turbine home systems. Wind farms will usually collect wind using horizontal axis wind turbines.

Some people have experimented with urban wind turbines or the “urbine” in cities or residential areas.  The urbine may run into problems with zoning laws, or perhaps insufficient wind flow due to the many obstacles a city creates for ample wind flow.

Most wind turbine home examples are of single, high standing, horizontal axis turbines.  This is because one large horizontal axis turbine can create enough electricity to power a single household.  These particular turbines usually stand 30-50 feet above the nearby house and tree tops because there is a more clear flow of wind higher in the air.

There are many different sizes and styles of wind turbines on the market today.  The wind turbine that is right for your home may be different from other homes because of varying wind speeds and the height of nearby trees and other obstacles.