Wind Turbine Requirements

The most important requirement for a basic wind turbine to perform successfully is being exposed to substantial amounts of wind.

Many people underestimate the strength and speed of wind needed to install a working wind turbine for their home.  This is unfortunate because a turbine built with insufficient wind to support the system is useless, and a mistake like this could become a financial liability.

A simple rule of thumb for wind turbine requirements is that if you don’t feel that standing in the wind outside your home is somewhat intolerable, then you probably do not have enough wind to support a large turbine.

However, with the proper selection of location and with a legitimate strategy to capture the wind, many people have built successful wind turbines for their homes.

There are a few strategies to find if you have sufficient wind to build a turbine for your home.  You could use an anemometer, a device used to measure the speed of wind, to find the average wind speed near your home and then compare that speed to the wind turbine power class charts.

You could also use wind maps as a reference for the average wind speed near you home.

Besides wind speed being a deciding factor of having a turbine for your home, you must also refer to the laws and zoning standards of the government.

Some areas may have strict wind turbine requirements and zoning laws, so even if you have found sufficient wind, you may be unable to build towers high enough because of zoning height regulations.

Again, the most important requirement for a wind turbine is that there are consistent winds blowing at ample wind speeds.