Home Hydro Power

Hydro power technology has advanced greatly over the past decades to the point where small hydro power turbine products are available for home use. Most hydro power electricity that is used in the United States comes from large scale dam and reservoir systems, but today, micro-hydro systems can generate electricity from just about any continuous source of running water for homes and boats.

Micro-hydro power systems for your home are affordable and provide clean energy. In order for a hydro turbine to generate electricity for your home it must have a consistent flow of water when it is needed. Because of the changing of seasons and unpredictable weather patterns of certain locations, most micro-hydro systems only provide a portion of the electricity for a household or a full portion of electricity but only during certain times during the year. Households that have a consistent flow of water nearby for most of the year are the best candidates for a home hydro power system.

If you live on a boat, there are plenty of micro hydro systems that can supply enough electrical power for any size boat. These turbines often take advantage of the flowing water as the boat moves, but a stationary boat could also generate electricity from the flowing water and currents.

Hydroelectricity is a very efficient form of electric production, and a small scale hydroelectric product has little negative effects on the environment compared to large scale dam and reservoir systems. A home that decides to use a hydroelectric power source usually will for one of the following reasons:

1. To decrease or completely offset fossil fuel electric consumption in order to reduce the environmental carbon footprint the home.

2. To have a secure source of backup power during power grid failures, or if a power grid is unavailable or too expensive to access.

3. For financial reasons. To stabilize the price of your household’s electricity at a set level. To receive rebates and tax credits, and to avoid the potential of future driven price increases in fossil fuels.

4. For prestige.

If you think a micro-hydro system is right for your home, still please consider all of the variable before making a purchase.