Solar Power Requirements

The most important requirement for solar power in a home solar energy system is to make sure that the site being used has clear access to the sun.

This may require eliminating trees or any other obstacles that create shade between the sun and your solar panels.  It is also helpful to have a location that receives consistent sunlight year-round, because in many locations during the winter the sun will shine less during times when energy demand is the highest, which poses a difficult dilemma for solar energy users.

Locations that have more consistent sunshine will obviously be better locations for home solar energy systems.

Before purchasing and installing a solar power system for your home you should consider zoning laws and government requirements.

Most areas will not have very strict laws for installing solar products, but it is always safe to make sure before making a substantial purchase.

Solar power systems require a high initial cost of purchase and installation.  The idea of using solar power to save money is that with an efficient solar power system in your home, your monthly electric costs could approach zero.  Then, once the total monthly savings becomes greater than the cost and maintenance of the system, you will begin to save money while also helping the environment.