AirBNB for Solar Power

Solar power prices have dropped around 50% in many places without a corresponding increase in new solar power projects, especially for private residents.

Inflexible conditions prevent people who may otherwise choose to have a solar powered home, even if the homeowners have a preference to use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels.

Often times ones home may be facing an sub-optimal direction, or there may be too much shade from trees and buildings, or frequently the house is being rented and the tenant cannot make the decision to install solar power.

Another entry disadvantage for residents within certain regions are laws that make it difficult to have solar panels that are a financial advantage with the help of net metering.

Airbnb, a company that lets people share their homes with vacationers when they are away, have given engineers in the solar power industry new ideas about sharing energy.

Yeloha is a company that connects home and business owners like airbnb, but for the purpose of sharing electricity instead of sharing a place to stay.  Yeloha connects people with excess solar power  with owners that prefer solar power but are unable to have it at their residents.

With strict laws and restrictions regarding net metering and sharing solar power with the utility companies, this private solar power sharing offers renewable alternatives that will help path the way for more easily accessible clean energy.


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