Hydraulic Actuators & Wind Turbines

Actuators play a crucial role in wind turbine technology.  Actuators are used in wind turbines as a motor or a source of energy to move and manipulate certain components of the turbine. What happens if a wind turbine is not facing the correct direction on a windy day? How does a wind turbine start if there is not enough wind?  Well, one way is with an actuator.  An actuator may be used to help with the pitch and yaw in the turbine, may help start or stop the turbine in non ideal wind conditions, and can open and close ventilation chambers.

One type of actuator is a hydraulic actuator. They are integral components not only in wind turbines, but also are used in agricultural, construction, mining, aviation, and other industries. The widespread usage of hydraulic cylinders, especially in turbine technology has led to a large market base for the product. With an already established industry, hydraulic actuators face a real boost from emerging economies and the prospects of innovative technologies.

According to expert analysts at Allied Market Research, the global industry for hydraulic actuators is estimated to reach a value of $2.4 billion by 2022.  The industry is forecast to grow to a considerable size, owing to infrastructure projects and increased applications in aerospace engineering.

Turbine generators that can convert electrical energy from mechanical energy require an energy source for functioning. Hydraulic actuators are important for the control mechanism of the turbine system. With precise actuator drives that can control the flow of mechanical energy inside the turbine, turbines can efficiently convert the same into electricity. When both the components work in sync, this can lower production costs of the entire system, owing to less assembly efforts and prevention of overload on the power generation.

The use of hydraulics in wind turbines has many benefits.  In general, they help make the entire system more efficient, aid in preventing malfunctions, and also make it easier to conduct regular scheduled maintenance. The employing of hydraulics in electronics, turbines, and other renewable energy machines has expanded the scope of renewable energy, thus augmenting the market’s growth.

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