Solar Power on the Moon

Solar power on the moon is when a solar power system collects solar energy from the surface of the moon, and then transports the energy to receivers on earth to be eventually used as electricity.

Microwave beams would be used to send the energy back towards earth from the moon.  The microwave energy, unlike sunlight, would not be reflected back into space from the earth’s atmosphere, clouds, or dust.  These microwaves would not be harmful to humans as long as they are not directly in the areas that are receiving the microwaves.  With the use of orbital reflectors, the microwaves from the sun could potentially reach all corners of earth at any time of day.

The photovoltaic solar receptors on the moon would have the benefit of receiving longer hours of sunlight without the obstruction of the earth’s atmosphere, clouding, or dust.  This means that they would convert the sun’s energy into electricity at a much more efficient rate than PV solar panels on earth.  This would also mean that the PV panels would probably have a shorter life span from being used for longer hours of a day and with higher rates of energy.

The technology needed to create solar power on the moon already exists.  The problem is creating a system on such a grand scale, and also the incredible cost of launching materials from earth and construction on the moon.

With a few more advances in technology, and some extra spending cash, solar power on the moon could definitely be a legitimate solution to the world’s energy problems.



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