Solar Storms

What is a Solar Storm?

A solar storm is an event where some sort of solar activity disturbs the natural flow of the earth’s magnetic field.  A solar storm is usually the result of a solar flare or coronal mass ejections, which turn into a moving parcel of charged particles called solar wind.

If these charged particles of solar wind are directed towards the earth, then they could potentially contact and interfere with the earth’s magnetic field.

Can a Solar Storm be harmful to the Earth?

Yes, a large enough solar storm could cause devastating damage.

Solar storms could potentially disrupt electrical devices, as simple as causing interference to radio waves or a devastating as complete power grid outages.  In theory, a large enough solar storm could completely disrupt any electrical device.

Solar storms can also provide dangerous amounts of radiation dosage to humans and animals.  The radiation from the sun is always damaging to humans, but a solar storm will increase the amount of dangerous radiation absorb by our bodies.

Solar radiation can be especially harmful in outer space, or when flying in an aircraft high in the air where the earth’s atmosphere provides less protection from the sun.  Often times, airplanes that travel near the poles of the earth need to reroute their flight patterns more towards the equator to avoid harmful doses of solar radiation from solar winds.

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